Travelling to Israel!

Travelling to Israel!

Aloha everyone,

I went to Israel lately and I decided to share you my photographs and my one week’s experience ! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Day 1 :

Lake Tiberiad

lac tiberiad 1 There I have been seduced by the landscape. I was a little disappointed by the weather because as you can see, it was a little bit cold and grey.

 The mount and the garden of beatitudes

mont des beatitudesjardin des béatitudes 2
jardin des béatitudes bis B

This monument was perfectly highlighted on this hill filled by a natural charm with its flower throw from mount Garden !

Day 2 : 

Entrance of the place of residence in Nazareth

entrée habitation nazareth

Viewed from a roof in Nazareth

vue nazareth 1
vue nazareth 2
vue nazareth 3

On a visit to the community who welcomed us to Nazareth, sisters actually let us their residence. What had particularly impressed me was the view from the roof that I found fabulous !

Day 3 :

Entrence of one of the gates of Jerusalem

entrée par une des portes de Jérusalem

Seen from the terrace of Jerusalem accomodation 

vue depuis terrasse de Jérusalemvue Jérusalem 2

The particularity of the place where I was staying, was that the terrace is deemed as one of the most beautiful views of Jerusalem.

Garden of the Sisters of Sion 

jardin soeurs sion 3
jardin soeurs de sion 2jardin soeurs sion

Day 4 : 

Pool of Bethesda 

piscine de bethesdapiscine bethesda

The Wailing Wall 


Foundation of the temple esplanade

fondation esplanade du temple

The Temple Mount 

mont du temple 1mont du temple 2

Day 5 :

The Jerusalem suqs

suq j 1
suq j 2
suq j4
suq j 5

I really liked to walk through the different suqs of Jerusalem. Jewerllery, scarfs, memories, were beautifully presented in every corner of street.

Spices store


epices 2

What I preferred in the suq was this store of beautiful spices which smells drew me! Vendors were really cool and I came four times to buy spices and dried fruits that I brought home in France.

Holy Sepulchre

st sepulcre 2
Some pictures of the Jewish quarter

juifs 1 juifs 2 juifs 3

Day 6 :

Mount of Olives


I loved the Mount of olives, particularly this camel that I saw behind me shortly after my arrival. The sight was incredibly beautiful, inspite of the weather which was not very good so far.

 Austrians coffee

autiriche caf 2autrichien caf

St Pierre en Gallicante

st Anne

Day 7 :

Separation wall Palestine/Israel


This place probably was the most memorable place of all my travel because we saw all the emotions transmitted simply by tag poems and painting engraved the wall.


It says :

” The wall can not feel but was made out of fear.

The wall has no voice but it speaks loud and clear.

The wall has no eyes but looks down on us all.

The wall can not move, but one day it will fall! “

That’s it! I hope you have discovered new landscapes throught my little travel diary! Bisous, and see you soon for a next article!



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