Special playlist for travel, long rides and good trips

Hi guys! What’s up ?! Today I’m here to share my special long ride playlist! Wouuhou I’m so excited ! I’m leaving soon in England and I made a playlist especially for long journeys. I’m a person who loves listening to music. That’s my way to kill time whenever I find myself bored ! I told myself that it could in getting more that one… This playlist is composed of 50 titles of songs, they are all different and I love them all very much. These are my...

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Chocolate crinkles recipe by Elisabeth

Aloha tout le monde ! Aujourd’hui je vous retrouve pour un nouvel article sur les Crinkles au chocolat. Cette recette me plait énormément car elle est plutôt simple mais surtout très  très gourmande, c’est pourquoi j’ai décidé de vous la partager ! Pour  30 Crinkles, il vous faut : 50 g de beurre 200 g de chocolat 2 oeufs 100 g de sucre 200 g de farine 1 pincée de sel 1 sachet de sucre vanillé 1 sachet de levure chimique La préparation : Dans une casserole...

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Travelling to Israel!

Aloha everyone, I went to Israel lately and I decided to share you my photographs and my one week’s experience ! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Day 1 : Lake Tiberiad  There I have been seduced by the landscape. I was a little disappointed by the weather because as you can see, it was a little bit cold and grey.  The mount and the garden of beatitudes This monument was perfectly highlighted on this hill filled by a natural charm with its flower throw from mount Garden ! Day 2...

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Homemade caramel popcorn for movie nights

Make your own bol of caramel popcorn (and share it with a friend) For 2 persons 90g corn kernels 60g sugar 10g butter 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (You can look for the french/your country equivalents on google) I used the exact same quantities when I cooked for the photos I took. You may think that’s not a lot but once the popcorn popped it looks really voluminous. This is quite a big bowl. Popcorn Lightly heat the vegetable oil in a saucepan then add the corn kernels. Close with a lid...

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Favorite beauty products for Summer 2016

Hello there, I haven’t been so active since a couple months now, but it doesn’t mean I’m not interested anymore in blogging. I love writing for you guys! I thought that I couldn’t reach the official blogger goals feed if I wasn’t able to take by myself good photographs (which is true). I’m so proud to show you today a bunch of photos of mine! They were taken by me, guys! So exciting!   Temporary tattoos are the best way to put a little effort into a...

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Make your very own photo wall art

Recently, I decided to ornament my room’s walls, because I felt this space empty. So I log in my Pinterest account, and start searching an idea. I was looking for something easy to do and to move on, because I like to often change my furniture’s place, so I also have to change the decoration. I was losing myself in beautiful and good-feeling pictures, when I decided to do a part of my wall full of those photos. I searched and pin them, decided to pick some We Heart It photos (you...

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Five original presents for Christmas

Aloha tout le monde aujourd’hui je vous retrouve pour un nouvel article de noël . Je pense que ça nous est déjà tous arrivés de ne pas savoir quoi offrir à nos proches, mais je suis là pour vous aider… Voici 5 idées cadeaux qui raviront vos proches : idée n°1 : Pour la première idée j’ai pensée au « wreck this journal » de Keri Smith . « Wreck this journal » (saccage ce carnet) est un carnet qui s’adresse à...

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DIY artsy wooden mirror

A couple weeks ago, I decided to change all the furniture emplacement in my room. I had some wall art, that I get by the past, but I still not like these. So my room’s walls were literally naked. I had a first idea, which was to move on some tumblr guirland photos on the walls, but I finally decided to try to create on a mirror frame a cool painting. And it looks pretty good. And surprisely, I found the perfect one ! I already owned it, I found it digging in my old stuff. And it’s...

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